You are guests on Yolngu land and entering Yolngu time.

Yolngu perceptions, priorities and preoccupations are different from those of mainstream Australia.

Be patient and try to leave at home your expectations of how things are learnt and how events should run. Traditionally Yolngu learn by observation, by looking and listening. Asking too many questions can be inappropriate. When you have questions, choose them carefully and thoughtfully.

Respect people’s personal space, particularly in the camping areas and each guest’s tent. Sticking to the walking paths provided is important.

We ask that guests respect the community and stay within the festival areas and camping zones. Guests should NOT leave the Gulkula site on their own and should only walk along specifically marked trails. This is also for your own safety and wellbeing as we have wild buffalo wander this country and organisers spend considerable effort in monitoring their trails before Garma each year. Please ensure someone knows where you are travelling around the site. Avoid strolling around and visiting Yolngu campsites unless specifically invited and accompanied by Yolngu.

Please exercise courtesy and sensitivity when taking photographs, and posting images to social media. Always seek the permission of your subjects if taking close-ups, or photographs of small groups. We kindly ask guests not to bring professional cameras with long lenses to Garma.

Treat the old people with the greatest of respect – they hold the knowledge and the power.

Dress conservatively and be sun-wise. Too much skin on display draws inadvertent attention and is not appropriate for this event. Schools attending the festival should advise their students of this policy. Our dress standards also protect our participants from harsh weather conditions. Plan a sensible and modest wardrobe, knee length skirts/dresses/shorts, covered shoes and include a hat to protect you from the elements.