The Garma Festival is Australia’s largest Indigenous gathering, a 4-day celebration of Yolngu life and culture held in remote northeast Arnhem Land.

Hosted by the Yothu Yindi Foundation, Garma showcases traditional miny’tji (art), manikay (song), bunggul (dance) and story-telling, and is an important meeting point for the clans and families of the region.

The Festival’s over-riding cultural mission is to provide a contemporary environment for the expression and presentation of traditional Yolngu knowledge systems and customs, and to share these practices in an authentic Yolngu setting.

Come and join us for 4 unforgettable days in the far north of Australia for what many people describe as a life-changing experience.

The 24th annual Garma will take place between Friday 2 August – Monday 5 August, 2024 at the Gulkula ceremonial site about 40km from Nhulunbuy on the Gove Peninsula, NT.

Please note that Garma tickets are inclusive of tent accommodation, sleeping bag and meals. You are unable to bring your own tent or camper or provide your own food.

Festival Highlights


Each sunset, accompanied by the call of the yidaki (didgeridoo), and the rhythm of the bilma (clapsticks), the voices of the Yolngu song-men ring out across the site, summoning all to the dance grounds. 

Here, the men, women and children of the different clan groups take turns performing traditional dance (bunggul), sharing stories and songlines that stretch back millennia.

Sit back and sink your feet into the dust as you enjoy this spectacular exhibition – or better still, join in the festivities as Yolngu and balanda dance together.

Gapan Gallery

Set among a grove of stringy-bark trees, the Gapan Gallery is an open-air art gallery exhibiting works by new and established artists from local and regional galleries. 

Curated by the Buku Larrnggay art centre, join us under the stars for the Gallery’s breathtaking opening on Friday night – an occasion not to be missed.

Key Forum

The Key Forum policy conference has become Australia’s premier platform for the discussion and debate of issues affecting Yolngu and other Indigenous people, attracting political, business, academic, and philanthropic leaders from Australia and overseas. 

Although the conference agenda changes from year to year to reflect the Garma theme, topics such as land rights, health, education, economic development and government funding feature regularly on the program. 

Youth Forum

The Youth Forum runs a 4-day program for children and youth aged 8–18, bringing together schools from across Australia with students from local and regional schools for a range of activities and workshops aimed at building cross-cultural bonds and sharing knowledge. 

This is where we tap into the boundless positivity and creativity of the next generation, harnessing their thirst for knowledge and their innovative ideas and solutions. 

The Youth Forum is a mini-Garma in itself, presenting a jam-packed program with a strong emphasis on developing leadership skills for the next generation. It’s also a place where life-long friendships are formed.

Cultural Workshops

Cultural workshops during the day give guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in different aspects of Yolngu life, from language and kinship lessons to Yidaki master-classes. 

Hosted by senior Yolngu knowledge-holders, activities include learning how to weave, making a spear, and learning on country during a bushwalk. 

Guests are reminded that traditionally, cultural activities will sometimes fall into either a men’s or women’s stream, and we ask you to please respect Yolngu protocol by only participating in gender-appropriate activities.

Garma Cinema

As the sun goes down over Gulkula a unique cinematic experience begins at Garma. Check out our incredible outdoor cinema where we present the latest series of films produced by First Nations people from Arnhem Land, Australia and the world.

Around the Grounds

From fireside chats and poetry readings to astronomy tours and women’s healing sessions, guests are encouraged to stroll the grounds and mould their own personal Garma journey.

Don’t forget to stop by the Garma shop, where you can pick up one of our famous t-shirts.