The Dilak Council brings together the senior cultural leaders of 13 clan groups in a formal decision-making body based on traditional governance and self-determination.

Grounded in Yolngu law, it is a clan leadership structure that has endured in the Miwatj region of northeast Arnhem Land for many years, and is now formally recognised by government.

The Dilak Council meets regularly to set regional priorities and policies with the Commonwealth and Territory governments – in health, housing, education, economic development and more.

It provides the cultural authority and leadership essential to strong communities, helping to advance Yolngu interests and support family wellbeing.

This is local decision-making in action – a grassroots, community-led governance model that gives Yolngu proper agency over their lives and destinies.

After decades of ignoring its voice, the commitment by government to work with the Dilak provides genuine scope for effective policy reform in the region through self-determination.