The Garma Institute will be a Yolngu-owned and run tertiary and vocational education facility based at Gulkula, the site of the annual Garma Festival.

The project is a partnership between the University of Melbourne and the Yothu Yindi Foundation, with a vocational education partner soon to be confirmed.

The Garma Institute will offer bridging programs for those aged 16 and over, and Yolngu-designed tertiary study options for Yolngu students.

It will be centred around a co-designed university curriculum that demonstrates the breadth and depth of Yolngu knowledge and philosophy, and will include a Keeping Place/Museum/Library for Yolngu cultural heritage, archives and resources.

It will also be home to the Dilthan Yolngu’nha (Women’s Healing) programs and facilities.

The Garma Institute will be led by a Yolngu faculty comprising senior knowledge holders, who will guide curriculum development across all levels of the hub to ensure a seamless transition throughout the education journey.

The curriculum will be formally accredited.